Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings

Our culture is being bombarded! This August, Buddy Payne is going to talk from God’s word about what we can do to counter our corrupting culture.

In his Monday night lesson, he mentioned four scientific books. You might be interested in looking these up for further research.

Services on Sunday, August 7

  • Sunday at 9:30 AM, To Pray and Not Lose Heart
  • Sunday at 10:25 AM, Citizens in the Kingdom of God
  • Sunday at 6:00 PM, Christians as Citizens in the USA

Services on Monday–Wednesday, August 8–10

  • Monday at 7 PM, Is It Reasonable to Believe in God in This Scientific Age?
  • Tuesday at 7 PM, Our Culture’s Attack on Marriage
  • Wednesday at 7 PM, Keeping Our Balance in This Corrupting Culture